Dualtron Brand

Having a personal vehicle that allows you to move quickly over long and short distances is not only prestigious today, but also profitable. The characteristics of modern monowheels, gyroscuters and Segways allow you to use this technique almost everywhere: for trips around the city, walking in the Park, traveling outside the city. The Asian market of devices running on electric accumulators reacted to the level of demand with lightning speed and presented customers with an easy-to-manage, fast and versatile dualtron electric scooter.

What is Dualtron?

The Dualtron scooter is an invention of the Korean concern Minimotors, created in 1999. The main activity of the company is the production of individual vehicles for transportation. Initially, the sales market was limited exclusively to Korea, but since the second half of 2016, the plant has increased the production of electric scooters and reached the level of 2000 units per month, with 600 of them accounted for by dualtron, which can now be purchased in Europe. Dualtron is a stylish and powerful electric scooter, and the first brand to bring heavy - duty electric scooters to the market. Minimotors is a pioneer and innovator in the electric scooter industry, and the Dualtron brand is a flagship that uses all the latest ideas and developments. Thanks to the latest developments and a special testing system, the equipment from Minimotors is called "SUV", emphasizing its reliability, practicality and excellent driving performance.

Where to buy Dualtron electric scooter

Dualtron scooters are in great demand among all ages, due to the fact that they have:

Another advantage of dualtron is the price that allows a person with an average income to purchase an electric scooter in the EUC SALE online store. One of the disadvantages is the lack of a telescopic front stand, which is why it may not be very convenient for people with a height above 190 cm to operate the vehicle.