GotWay was founded by a group of young enthusiasts who set out to change the current idea of monowheels by using advanced control algorithms and speed control. This approach made it possible to create fast monowheels that can reach speeds of 28 and even 34 km/h unprecedented for competitors, while it is absolutely not felt due to the smooth and smooth behavior of the monocycle during riding.

They became popular due to the fact that they began to conquer the market with unusual sizes of monowheels. GotWay is the only manufacturer to date that produces from the smallest 5-inch to the largest 18-inch monowheels. But the most popular models are, of course, 14 and 18-inch wheels, which have earned their fame due to their excellent quality and low price. Powerful and fast monowheels are the company's business card. In addition, only on these unicycles can you change the angle of the footrests at your discretion.

The devices of this manufacturer are suitable for use in all weather conditions and on any surface, because their body is waterproof, and the maximum lifting angle is 30 degrees.

The company equips its products with high-capacity SONY or Panasonic lithium-ion batteries to provide a fantastic driving range of up to 100 kilometers. Through the Bluetooth channel And a special app, gotway monowheels can sync with a tablet or smartphone, which can be used to set the desired ride modes and track various parameters.

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