InMotion electric vehicles

InMotion (InMotion Technologies Co., Ltd) is a company that specializes in the research, development and production of advanced ultra-technological vehicles equipped with self-stabilization sensors, such as the E2 Segway and the V8 monowheel. The company's products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world and enjoy well-deserved respect and love, both among business people and businessmen, as well as movie stars and politicians. The company's efforts are focused on the super-innovation of manufactured devices and the possibility of their connection with modern gadgets, in particular, the ability to control the InMotion E3 Segway using a phone. The company's mission is to create unique products that will make people's movement more convenient and life more efficient.

The model range of the manufacturer Inmotion is extensive and includes electric scooters, monosigways and Segways. Stylish recognizable design, excellent technical characteristics make the company's products one of the most popular and popular. Innovative technologies that developers use in their models lead them to a number of high-tech vehicles.

Monocycles, e-bikes, e-scooters and Segways have appeared relatively recently, but the situation in this market is already quite stable. Looking at the top of the ratings, you can clearly see several titles, and InMotion is one of them.

The Chinese company InMotion is deservedly considered one of the best manufacturers of electric unicycles, bikes, scooters and gyroscuters in the world: the company tries to keep up with the times and produces really modern models. The bet is made on cool equipment and innovative gadgets / finds. Let's look at InMotion innovations using electric unicycles as an example. These are:

Suitcase handle. The handle of the monowheel is easily pushed up, after which it can be rolled next to you, the hand does not get tired. A great find that immediately makes the unicycle much more ergonomic;

Two wheels instead of one. Due to this, the InMotion monowheel can remain in an upright position without any support-it will not fall. And learning to ride will be easier;

Led illumination. Parking lights and front lights make driving in the evening a much safer experience;

Internal speaker. InMotion was among the first companies to put speakers on unicycles.

And on many models of the brand, the side pads are not made of artificial leather, but of natural leather. The combination of all these advantages is enough for InMotion to beat most of the competitors. Now only 2-3 companies can argue with the brand, and the Chinese feel quite confident in this dispute.

Where can I buy InMotion electric vehicles?

In the EUC SALE online store You will find a wide selection of unicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters and Segways, including original models produced by InMotion. We can guarantee their perfect quality, since we purchase products only from the official distributor of the brand. These are authentic, which means they will give you genuine pleasure!