Shenzhen King Song Sports Equipment Co., Ltd is a high tech enterprise specializing in the production of KingSong monowheels. The company started to engage in the business of self-balancing wheels since 2012, constantly studying domestic and foreign models, combining the thoughts of professional designers, finally formed a complete production line of electric unicycles. King Song still tracks the market to constantly update products for its customers.

Compared to its competitors, King Song focused on exploring self-balancing monowheels with their own uniqueness. From the very beginning of the company, they sought to take the top among manufacturers in the fight for quality. Forming communication channels both at home and abroad, King Song has always adhered to the slogan "product Quality, variety, excellent after-sales service" as a philosophy for its promotion.

A special feature of KingSong products is the rich configuration: each monowheel is equipped with 4 speakers, USB port, BlueTooth, rear and front lights.

The manufacturer has rightfully won the title of one of the most optimal air wheels in terms of price and quality, since Kingsong is a brand formed by natives of Firewheel and Gotway. They offer some of the most interesting technical characteristics of electric transport models.

Products from KingSong are the most popular and frequently discussed among monowheel users. Their popularity is due to the large battery, long range, reliability at adequate prices.
The company has its own production of boards and provides spare parts (which does not always happen with other brands).

The King Song electric unicycle is an excellent choice for professionals and for the initial introduction to monowheels.

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