How it started

One day, inventor Dean Kamen saw a young man in a wheelchair trying to pull up on the sidewalk. He realized that the problem was not the wheelchair, but that this world was made for people who can balance. After that, he and his team created an independent mobile system (independence IBOT ™ Mobility System) – a self-balancing mobile device that allows users to climb stairs and on uneven surfaces. After that, the idea matured that such a machine could have significantly greater capabilities for ordinary people.

The name Segway was inspired by the word "segue", which translates as"smoothly transition from one state to another". A Segway transforms a person into a stronger pedestrian, allowing him or her to walk further, move faster, and carry more.

How dynamic stabilization works

If you stand and lean forward, you will not fall forward just like that. Your brain understands that you are unbalanced because the fluid in your inner ear is shifting. The brain forces you to take a step forward and stop a possible fall.

Segway pretty much does the same thing, with the difference that our vehicles have wheels instead of legs, a motor instead of muscles, a set of microprocessors instead of brains, and a set of complex sensors that track tilt, gyroscopic sensors instead of in-ear balance systems. Just like your Segway brain knows when you're leaning forward. To maintain balance, it turns the wheels at the right speed and you move forward.

Be eco-friendly

As a leader in two-wheeled electric mobility, Segway aims to create environmentally friendly transport alternatives for short distances. Nowadays, more and more people are using Segway as an eco-friendly alternative for many trips that are usually made by car. In addition, zero emission during operation allows you to ride it indoors.

History of Ninebot

Ninebot is a private subsidiary of the Xiaomi brand and is headquartered in Beijing, China. The company's products are created using innovative technologies and advanced scientific discoveries. The products include modern solutions that make it possible to improve the functionality of vehicles, which allowed them to become one of the most popular on the market. Devices from manufacturers have become leading in the field of robotic technology.
Initially, Ninebot was engaged in the production of Segways for the domestic Chinese market. After 3 years of existence on the market, it was sued by the American company Seagway for plagiarism. However, Xiaomi came to the defense of Ninebot by allocating funds and good lawyers for litigation.
As a result, the court was won by Ninebot, later taking over the company itself Seagway. As a result, Ninebot became one of Xiaomi's subsidiaries, taking over the production of personal electric vehicles, segways, monowheels, and electric scooters.
In 2015, the strategic merger of Ninebot and Segway with headquarters in Bedford, USA took place. The joint venture focuses on research and development, design, production, distribution and sales of short-distance transport products. The joint venture has major headquarters in the United States, the Netherlands, and Beijing, as well as manufacturing centers in the United States and China. Ninebot and Segway are committed to seamlessly combining robotics solutions with smartphones, as well as integrating existing technologies and future concepts such as voice interaction and face recognition with their robot products-products that will be highly interactive and promote a smart lifestyle.


1999-Segway Inc is a market leader in personal transport innovation
2002-First Segway Personal Transporters (PT) sold on
2005-Segway Cross-Terrain Transporter Launched
2013-Ninebot is founded in Beijing, China
2014-a three-wheeled Segway PT-SE-3 Patroller is launched For the public market of security products
2014-Ninebot launches the Ninebot E + model
2015-Segway And Ninebot join forces
2015 - the Company by Ninebot Segway launches the miniPRO and ONE E+
2016-Ninebot by Segway launches THE one S2, the successor to the Ninebot ONE E+
2016 - the Headquarters of the company Segway of Europe is opened in Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017 - Ninebot Company launches Kickscooter ES1 and ES2 Kickscooter
2017-Segway launches Ninebot miniLITE and miniPLUS
2018-Segway company releases Ninebot Electric Gokart go-kart kit
2018-Segway launches a new line, Ninebot e-Skates