The Company Speedway

The Korean brand Minimotors delegates the Assembly of its electric scooters to Chinese craftsmen. Having appeared on the market, the manufacturer has established itself with high quality, practicality and a wide range of models.

The most recognizable products of the company were the Speedway line, among which there are light electric scooters for the city, as well as all-wheel drive heavyweights ready to conquer any off-road terrain.

The Speedway series allows you to choose a model with the required mileage, and the average speed of electric scooters in the line is about 50 km/h. When choosing a vehicle, pay attention to the main and secondary parameters of the electric scooter.

What are the features of Speedway?

Speedway electric scooters quickly gained popularity among users. A large range of models from Speedway is presented in our online store. The most significant advantages of this model are:

Low cost;
The wheels are covered with a special anti-slip compound;
A balanced level of mileage.

Speedway electric scooters are suitable for both professionals and riders without experience. The cost of the device is democratic, it will not hit your wallet much. The design of the scooter has a high-capacity battery, so when equipped, the weight reaches 17 kilograms. Despite this, the model is characterized by stability and comfortable handling. The catalog contains several dozen models, which allows you to choose the right Speedway for you.

Buy electric scooter Speedway in Europe

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