Ultron Brand

Ultron is a young company that creates powerful, maneuverable, modern electric scooters with Swiss roots. Already in the first year of entering the electric transport market, they gained the trust of customers and brand commitment.

Reliability and style

The company does not produce a wide range of models. Ultron offers only the best! They strive to create reliable, stylish, perfect electric scooters that will allow customers to move freely and comfortably in the city and beyond.

Modernity and practicality

When designing and creating each new model of the Ultron electric scooter, our specialists study and take into account current trends and technological innovations in the world of electric transport.

Thanks to professional execution and creative ideas, the Ultron brand has become widely known in Europe.

The Ultron brand is:
— Concise Swiss design.
— Modern technological developments.
— Well thought-out ergonomics.
— Carefully selected components of the highest level available in its price segment.
— Quality control of execution at each stage of production.


Ultron electric scooters are stylish and sophisticated cars, designed to the smallest detail, created using the latest technologies in the field of electric transport, inspired by the thirst for free movement and concern for the environment!

This is not the whole list of advantages of Ultron electric scooters. Each new user finds something different in it, for which they appreciate this manufacturer so much. This is why Ultron has received so many positive reviews.

Recently, fakes have started to appear on sale more and more often, so you should carefully consider choosing a store. It is very easy to purchase an original Ultron electric scooter - you just need to place an order on the website eucsale.com. To get detailed advice on the choice, please contact our specialists in any way convenient for you.