Electric Scooters

MaxSpeed MINI 5

MaxSpeed MINI 5

MAXSPEED Mini 5, 13Ah, 500w, 45km/h.

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Electric scooters are just created for trips around the city. They are light, compact and moderately fast, and the battery is enough to roll enough.
The appearance of Electric Scooters catches the eye with its simplicity and refinement. You won't find anything extra in it - a telescopic steering column and a bright front headlight. All this is harmoniously combined with each other and looks very attractive.

The motor of the electric scooter has a power from 350 W to 6700W and is able to accelerate up to 100 km / h. And in order for the trip to be long, the scooter has a battery that allows you to drive without recharging.

Ergonomics, ease of transport

Electric Scooters has a folding mechanism that is located at the base of the steering column. To activate it, just click on the tab and the scooter will fold. The scooter is easy to carry, it does not cause inconvenience and does not interfere with other people.


Electric scooter is ideal for both beginners and more experienced riders. Both adults and children can ride them.

Can I drive at night?

For driving at night on the front of the steering wheel of some models of electric scooter installed headlights and marker light. This makes the electric scooter very noticeable at night for other road users. Electric scooters are equipped with displays that show the speed, mileage and battery charge. In some versions, there are accelerators and electric friction brakes.

Electric scooters buy

You can buy the best electric scooter on our website by calling or leaving a request. Our consultants will help you choose among the following brands: SpeedWay scooter, Zero scooters, dualtron e scooter.