Dualtron electric scooters

Dualtron Spider Limited

Price: 1990 Euro, Delivery: 3-7 days Europe, from Europe warehouse.



Minimotors manufactured a new version of Dualtron Spider, the Limited.  The most significant changes are the following:

 Bigger battery capacity to 24,5Ah that gives Spider more range (80 klm)

Taller handlebar for better driver stability +5cm

Due to the larger capacity battery the weight increased by just 2 kilos to total 21kg

 Spider's Main Features

Dual HUB front and rear motors provide fast and smooth acceleration until the standard ABS front and rear disc brakes brings you to a safe stop.

Its LG 24,5Ah Battery has a range of 80 kilometers and top speed of 65 Km/h.

It weighs only 21 kg and it is made of ultralight aerospace 7075 aluminium alloy, magnesium and ultralight carbon fiber.

Twice as lighter compared to competition – it’s easier to carry and can be used in more places

It is a scooter designed to meet the expectations of customers who want a light but powerful machine.

 The Dualtron Spider comes with two 800W motors that can output up to 3000W.

Combined with a solid 60V 24,5Ah battery, we get a more powerful scooter (compared to v1) that can climb most hills and slopes with ease at around 45% (25°) gradeability.

This is the kind of gradeability you would expect from an off-road scooter.

The Spider comes with large 10 inch inflatable tires. Those of you who have used a scooter before will agree that tire size is one of the things that matter the most.

On the bright side, inflatable tires are softer and offer more room for customization – you can adjust suspension softness and stability by changing tire pressure – less pressure means better cushioning and more grip, while more pressure might be the best option when you are driving at high speed.

Besides, the Spider features rubber suspension, similar to that of its predecessors.

It takes up to 9 hours with a 2A Charger and up to 2.6+ Hours with a 6.5A charger

The Spider takes that a step further with the ‘EYE’, which is an improved version of the dashboard we can see on the Ultra.

 The EYE, besides displaying all the info you expect to see (such as battery life and speed), allows you to easily adjust things like:

 Slow start – having that on allows you go full throttle from the beginning without being worried about the scooter knocking you off your feet – no need to manually adjust the speed with your throttle. Great feature for beginners.

Electric brake strength

Auto power off – anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes

Start method – choose between throttle start and kick start

Speed step setting – the scooter features three speeds

All the other settings you are familiar with, such as cruise mode, speed unit change (KM/h <> Mph), power limit and LCD brightness.


Motor type: 800Wx2, MAX 3200W

Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH 1130 x 605 x 1180

Folded size (mm) LxWxH 1130 x 243 x 530

Battery type: 60V 24.5h

Product weight: 20 kg

Range: 85km

Max speed: 65km/h

Max load: 120kg

Tires: 10'' Tube Tire

Brake Front / Rear Disk-brake + ABS

Charging time (1.7A-2A) 8hr+ (standard charger)

Product material: Ultralight Aerospace 7075 Aluminium Alloy + Carbon Fiber

Suspension: Adjustable Suspension Front/Rear

Dashboard: Multi-function Smart LCD EY3

Light: Dual LED headlight / taillight / brake light / Steering column LED

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You are looking a personal electric transport.

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INMOTION V8F Just better in all ways.






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