MaxSpeed electric scooters

MaxSpeed MINI 5

MaxSpeed MINI 5

MAXSPEED Mini 5, 13Ah, 500w, 45km/h.

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Maxspeed electric scooters fully justify their high-profile name. And indeed, these scooters are ideal for those who are not averse to a ride with the wind. Of course, the ability to accelerate quickly is not the main advantage of these popular vehicles. To fully appreciate all the advantages of Maxspeed electric scooters, you should definitely take a ride on one of the models presented by This brand at least once.

In 2018, Starway electric scooters changed their name to MaxSpeed. Otherwise, it's still the same familiar Starway.

What are the advantages of Maxspeed electric scooters?

If for some reason you have not yet got your own electric scooter, be sure to pay attention to vehicles manufactured under the Maxspeed brand, and here's why:

all models of Maxspeed scooters are compact in size and light in weight, so they are incredibly convenient both for storage and transportation;
these scooters have a stylish design and look very impressive;
the well-thought-out design and excellent performance make every trip on Maxspeed scooters comfortable and safe;
electric scooters of this popular brand are designed to meet the needs of modern users, using the most modern technologies and high-quality materials.

Best price / quality ratio

MaxSpeed electric scooters have become real bestsellers due to their affordable price and excellent technical characteristics. Want to buy a compact city electric scooter with a decent power reserve and fast charging? Then MaxSpeed electric scooters are a great alternative to urban transport. Almost everyone can afford MaxSpeed.

Front suspension

To ensure maximum comfort while driving around the city, electric scooters are equipped with a front suspension that smooths out bumps on the road. It is also worth noting that MaxSpeed is equipped with solid tubeless tires. Now you are not afraid of punctures.

Folding frame

MaxSpeed electric scooters have a folding frame. With a simple movement, you can fold the scooter for transport or storage at home. Please note that the handlebar handles also fold down, making the scooter even more compact.

Informative display

The steering wheel has an informative LED display that allows you to track all important parameters during the ride: speed, mileage, battery charge. On the dashboard, you can also adjust the sensitivity of the electronic brake, select the cruise control mode, and choose how to start the electric scooter.

Ergonomic soundboard

The ergonomic and wide enough deck allows the rider to comfortably place both legs. Anti-slip coating allows you to securely lock your feet while riding. In the front part of the electric scooter deck, there is LED lighting for movement in the dark, and bright brake lights are installed at the back.

If you want to get a stylish, reliable and safe vehicle that does not require a driver's license, nothing is easier. Just look at the catalog of our online store and choose the right model of electric scooter for you. You can always buy Maxspeed electric scooters at a very attractive price, and we guarantee prompt delivery of your chosen product.