Ultron electric scooters

Ultron T128 PRO

Ultron T128 PRO

ULTRON T128, 6000W MAX, 85km/h, 40kg.

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Ultron T108 PRO 2020

Ultron T108 PRO 2020

ULTRON T108, 6000W MAX, 35Ah, 85km/h.

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Ultron T11 PRO 2020

Ultron T11 PRO 2020

ULTRON T11, 2400W MAX, 65km/h, 24ah.

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It will be difficult to find another such powerful all-terrain vehicle among electric scooters. ULTRON will easily conquer the Russian off-road terrain, because it has everything you need for this!

Here are at least 10 reasons why you should buy an Ultron electric scooter.


Ultron is a two-engine electric scooter, which means it has double power! This allows them to accelerate up to 90 km / h, carry up to 200 kg of weight, and overcome obstacles on any road surface. In other words, if you were looking for an SUV among electric scooters, then you found it. If high power is not necessary, for example, when driving in the city, then one motor can be turned off by pressing the “SINGLE-DUAL " button on the steering wheel.


The diameter of the wheels of the Ultron electric scooter forms a high ground clearance (distance from the ground to the platform), which is another advantage when you need to overcome obstacles and drive off-road.
The deep tread of the wheels, created specifically for roads, provides excellent grip, which means that driving becomes much safer.


Everyone who had a chance to ride on the Ultron electric scooter, note how soft its suspension is. The scooter rides smoothly and smoothly on any roads. Shock absorbers are installed in the front and rear.


The power of these electric scooters is evident in everything. Lighting is no exception – there are headlights on the front above the wheel, and there is a marker light on the rear fender, which also serves as a stop light.
Well, on the sides of the soundboard are led strips, which are needed not only for beauty, they also allow other road users to see the scooter on the road.


You can ride Ultron electric scooters without feeling tired. To do this, you just need to install a seat on it to ride while sitting. The seat is comfortable, with a shock absorber, adjustable in height. It attaches easily and quickly. It can also be folded by pressing it against the soundboard.


A display is attached to the steering wheel so that the rider can track speed, battery charge, mileage, and driving mode while driving. The screen is backlit, colorful and bright.

Foldable design

Like most electric scooters, the Ultron can be folded to make it easier to transport and store. The steering wheel handles are folded, the steering rack and seat are pressed against the deck.

Footboard for Parking

A convenient function that allows you to leave the electric scooter in an upright position, without folding it or leaning on anything.

This is not the whole list of advantages of the Ultron electric scooter. Every new user finds something different in it, for which they appreciate this model so much. This is why Ultron has received so many positive reviews.

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