KingSong electric unicycle

KingSong S19 / S19PRO

Price: S19 - 2599 Euro, S19 PRO - 2799Euro. Stock!!! Spring suspension version


Model KS-S19 - 50GB Cells

Model KS-S19 PRO - 50S Cells

last batch with a spring suspension system in stock. Delivery 2-6days accross EU 

Max. speed It can be decoded and adjusted to 60KM/h, after riding for 5KM.The idling speed is 100KM/h (Factory alarm settings: 18km/h first level alarm, 19km/h second level alarm, 20km/h third level alarm and tilt back).

Mileage Around150km ( Condition: load:60KG,temperature:25 -30℃,no wind,20km/h,flat road)

Max. Gradeability Around 40°( 84%)( Condition: load:60KG,temperature:25 -30℃)

S19: Battery information Cell:96 pcs SAMSUNG 50GB Rated Voltage: DC 88.8V Top Charing Voltage: DC100.8V Rated Capacity:1776Wh Battery Protection board: Equipped with intelligent BMS battery management system, such as balance, overcharge, overcurrent, short-circuit protection, and abnormal analysis.

S19 PRO: Battery information Cell    96 pcs SAMSUNG 50S,  Rated Voltage: DC 88.8V,  Top Charing Voltage: DC100.8V, Rated Capacity:1776Wh, Battery Protection board: Equipped with intelligent BMS battery management system, such as balance, overcharge, overcurrent, short-circuit protection, and abnormal analysis.

Temperature -10℃/+45℃

Max. load 120KG

Charing voltage Input:AC 100-240 V ,Output:DC 100.8V,5A

Charing time With 5A charger : 1776Wh about 4-5h (charge time halved with two same chargers)

Rated output power 3500W

Max. output power 6500W

Dimension & Weight Dimension Dimension of EUC: 540mm(L)* 320mm(W)*790mm(H)

Package 667mm(L)* 362mm(W)*818mm(H)

Suspension DNM RCP 2S 750lb spring shock absorber with mounting hole 220±2mm and travel 56±2mm

Suspension travel Frame spring travel 130mm, spring travel 75mm

Pedal Altitude (from ground) 190-128(mm),Standard Angle of 6°

Tire Size 18*3.0inch

Net weight Around 32KG

EUC Port Five-core 16mm aviation head charging port *2;Power switch; Light sensor; USB port *2 (USB-A&Type-C), output power USB-A output 15W, Type-C output 20W.

Tailight Cool column stripes rear RGB brake lights Protective Measures

Lift sensor switch Lift sensor accurately senses and determines when wheel is lifted off the ground to stop tire rotation.

Roll protection The Angle of protection is 45 degrees (if it exceeds 45 degrees, the motor will stop running). After righting, the power will be restored without restarting. The App can adjust the protection angle according to the user's usage scenario.

Speed limit protection Overspeed buzzer alarm or speech broadcast + pedal tilt back

Low power protection When the remaining power is about 30%, the speed limit protection will be started and linearly decrease according to the alarm setting value. When the remaining power is 5%, the buzzer will give an alarm. When the power is 0%, the front end of the pedal will start to lift and gradually slow down until it stops.

High temperature protection The euc will tilt back when the motherboard at 80℃ ,and also titl back when the motor is at 140 ℃.

Motherboard waterproof protection The U-shaped slot between the motherboard base and the upper cover is connected with silicone sealing, which greatly enhances the waterproof performance and provides a safe waterproof guarantee for the motherboard base.

Anti-slip protection The pedals are evenly arranged with raised small columns in accordance with the stress position of the sole of the feet, which is more effective than the traditional abrasive paper to protect and prevent slip, and greatly improves the safety performance and riding experience.

Upside down stop device According to the design of the euc, the foot support device is added, which can open and close freely, convenient operation, and no longer worry about falling when parking.

Left and right leg guard protection The pads adopts ergonomic design and soft foam self - crust forming, moderate hardness, increase the acceleration and deceleration experience, better protect the body. Message

Power on/off Short press the power button to turn on EUC. Long press the power button, to drop a sound and power off EUC.

Battery level The LED lattice screen displays the power when the EUC is turn on and no riding.

Speed display LED dot matrix screen displays speed in riding mode A

udible reminder Voice prompt function: Please charge the device ASAP(Your device is in low battery, please charge it ); You are speeding. Please slow down(Pls decelerate); Connect Bluetooth(Bluetooth is connected ); Disconnect Bluetooth(Blutooth is disconnected); Be caution, over voltage.(Be caution, over voltage); Over heated alarm.(Be caution, over power); Please pay attention, at this condition power is about to reach the limit (Be caution, over power); Buzzer beeping(BI)。 Hardware Configuration

Motherboard The whole board adopts 4 layer board structure design, the whole machine works more stable. 12pcs imported MOS in TO-247 large package provide a strong guarantee for 3500W motor. MOS tube is directly fitted on the magnesium alloy main board seat, and the bottom of the magnesium alloy main board seat is directly connected with the body, which can dissipate heat quickly, providing a strong guarantee for fast and stable operation.

Music system 1. The system comes with Bluetooth music, which can be connected to the EUC through the mobile phone to play music. Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides better sound quality for playing music. 2, The use of independent stereo sound design, (configuration of 15W tweeter +20W bass unit) *2, plus a unique guide hole, make the bass much richer, treble much transparent. 3. Plug USB disk plays music on USB-A.

USB output 1* Type-C Fast Charge +1 USB-A (pluggable USB drive to play music)

Charging It provides two charging ports that can be plugged into two chargers for quick charging of the device

RGB lights Almost the whole body covered with a total of 178 RGB lights.The light pulsates with the music spectrum, showing a variety of light effects, making the euc more cool.

Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth module, more compatible and more stable data transmission.

Headlights One set of left and right lights, a total of 6 pcs 5W lights. The integrated RGB daily lights can adjust the color and the brightness according to the speed automatically. The two lights can be adjusted the angle separately to ensure the good lighting at night.

Tailight Integrated rear red brake light and turn signal light.

Display 32*32 dot matrix display. Power, speed, fault code, spectrum display and other information all in one.

Temperature control system Motherboard, motor, battery temperature real-time monitoring to ensure the good security of users.

Handle New front and rear handle design, more convenient, stable and reliable.

Trolley Portable independent U - shaped pull rod design.

Motor High 3500W hollow shaft motor is used to provide a strong sense of acceleration for riders.

Battery G21700 5000mA cell, vehicle distribution design of two groups of independent batteries, battery protection board using a new BMS battery management system, real-time monitoring of cell safety, aluminum body and battery box integrated design, more reasonable design, safer use.

Suspension system Unique X-shaped connecting rod damping structure,adopting the unique lever structure of racing class to achieve strong support and soft linear damping experience

Pad Acceleration and deceleration pads, leg pads

Standard parts 1* charger, 1* manual, 1* warranty card, 1*Certificate of qualification


BEGODE updated warranty rolls for 2024

BEGODE updated warranty rolls for 2024

EUC.SALE - Accept Cryptocurrency payments !!!

EUC.SALE - Accept Cryptocurrency payments !!!


NEW !!!! EUC.SALE official KINGSONG distributor in Europe.

NEW !!!! EUC.SALE official KINGSONG distributor in Europe.

Official KINGSONG distributor in Europe.

EUC.SALE official INMOTION Distributor in Europe.

EUC.SALE official INMOTION Distributor in Europe.

Leaperkim Sherman S 62/66lbs in stock + Free Upgrade Kit

Leaperkim Sherman S 62/66lbs in stock + Free Upgrade Kit

BEGODE EX30 Stock. + 15% coupon

BEGODE EX30 Stock. + 15% coupon

EUC GRAND MEET LITHUANIA 2022.07.16. Panevezys city. All EUC Riders are welcome.

EUC GRAND MEET LITHUANIA 2022.07.16. Panevezys city. All EUC Riders are welcome.



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