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A Brief History…

Utilizing the experience of the S18 combined with the understanding of the demand of the current market we started work on the S22 Eagle. To reach new heights, after the production of the S18 we worked hard and relentlessly start prototyping and designing a new wheel that will tackle the most extreme, all the hard work and dedication allowed us to achieved what we set out to do with the S22 Eagle. In comparison, the S2 is 23% larger, with doubled the amount of battery capacity, upgraded to a professional suspension with 30% longer suspension travel. Through countless designs, the study of the human body on an electric unicycle we became the first company to integrate built in ‘powerpads’ all in the pursuit of the best experience possible.


After the introduction of the suspension electric unicycle, we started asking ourselves where the limit was. Hovering high above the land, spreading its wings, there’s nowhere it can’t go! Through the clouds, overlooking the vast rivers and mountains, standing on the peak. Despite the long day, the Eagle’s irresistible power can only be gazed upon by other birds. To countless flights, the King Song S22 Eagle.


● Long Travel Suspension System ● Customizable Power Pads ● Tiltable Headlights ● Smart BMS ● 126V High Voltage ● Max Speed 70km/h ● Built In Kickstand ● Spiked Pedals ● Modular Motherboard ● Hollow Motor


Suspension System ● Suspension Theory ● Suspension Model ● Suspension Travel Power System ● Hollow Motor ● Nominal Voltage ● Peak Voltage ● Max Speed ● Climbing Grade Electrical System ● Battery Model ● Assembly ● Battery Capacity ● Range ● Fast Charging Other ● Controller Design ● Light Systems ● Kickstand ● Bumper ● Trolley Handle ● Display ● Power Pad ● Spiked Pedals

★ Suspension System★

Unique cross suspension system adopts a racing grade lever structure to achieve the best support and a soft linear dampening experience. Through the linkage, the force becomes non-linear, thereby designing an ideal suspension that is soft on flat roads and strong on tough terrains.

● 240-75 Spring Suspension

● Adaptable to any Terrain Tackle gravel roads, dirt roads, and asphalt

Battery System 

● LG50LT 21700 Utilizing LG 21700 5000mA, 120 cells. 2220Wh Battery Capacity ~200km Range ~4h Charge Time 90-126V Output Voltage

●Dual Battery Packs Paired with Smart BMS system, check the battery health levels and ensure the safety of the packs. *Range test conditions: under full power, 60kg load, ambient temperature of 25℃, measured at a speed of 20km/h on a flat hardened road at a constant speed, the actual range varies according to speed, number of starts, stops, ambient temperature, etc…

Charging Systems

● Charger Stats 2 x GX16-6 charge socket supports dual charging. Controller detects the charging parameters in real time, and can quickly and actively cut off the power supply in the case of overcurrent, overvoltage, etc., to ensure the safety of charging. to

● Charger Specs Input: AC 100-240V Output: DC 126V 6A * Standard 6a charger included.


Controller Design 

● Brand New Modular Controller Controller integrates rear lights, charger, on/off, display, all within one for easier.

● 4 Layer Design Cool temperatures even with high current output。 The antiinterference ability of the S20 is stronger and is more stable.

● TO-247 MOS A total of 12 high voltage MOS to supply the 3300w motor with the highest performance possible.

● Heat Sink Control MOS are connected to the aluminum frame for the best heat conductivity. 16 heat sink columns ensure fast heat dissipation to provide riders with the utmost stability


Lighting Systems 

● 5W*8 Adjust the lights angle, have 15° of freedom.

● Rear Light Rear bright LED with integrated turn signals


Power Systems 

● Custom Hollow Bore Motor Not a hollow bore motor youll find on the market. 60mm opening means smaller resistances, custom bearing seal for protection against the toughest weather conditions. Motor bracket is made from aluminum alloy and the temperature is monitored in real time protecting the rider at all times. 3300W Nominal Voltage 7500W Peak Voltage Power Output Efficiency Range 40°/84% Climbing Ability 70km/h Max Speed 105km/h Lift/Free Spin Spee


Top Speed Full speed unlocked after 10km. Max speed of 70km/h (Factory alarm settings: Level 1- 18km sound alarm; Level 2- 19km sound alarm; Level 3- Sound alarm with tiltback)

Mileage Mileage 2220Wh (around 200km)

Maximum Gradibility Around 40°

Battery Rated Power: DC 111V Top Charging Voltage: DC 126V Rated Capacity:2220Wh Smart BMS with balance and protect overshoot/ over discharge/ overcurrent/ short circuit/ overheating function, support monitoring the battery conditions via KingSong APP

Operating Temperature -10℃/+45℃

Max Load 120kg

Charger Voltage Input AC 80~240 V ,output DC126V/6A

Charging Time 2220Wh: about 4h 6A

Rated Power 3300w

Max Power 7500w

Color Black and Red

Dimensions 693/747mm(H) x 582mm(L) X 330/465mm(W) (H is the height not including the seat cushion and the height including the seat cushion, and W is the maximum width with the pedals stowed and the pedals opened)

Package Size(mm) 995mm(H)x785mm(L)x500mm(W)

Suspension Specification GR-27RC 750 lb spring suspension

Suspension Distance Using a variable lever the wheel has dampening travel distance of 75mm which is transferred to the rear spring suspension with a

Pedal Size and Height Pedal size: 277*130mm. Pedal height

Tire Size 20inch Diameter 3.0"inch

Weight 2220wh around 28kg

EUC Port Dual GX16-6 aviation charging port; power switch; light sensor port

Light UP Displays Cool columnar horizontal stripes red brake lights at the rear, and built in speedo.

Lift Sensor Lift sensor accurately senses and determines when wheel is lifted off the ground to stop tire rotation

Roll Protection 45° left and right side. ( Motor stalls when over 45° ) Place the machine vertically on the ground will restart automatically, no need to restart manually

Speed Limit Protection Beep alarm or voice alarm when exceed limit speed

Low Battery Protection Low battery protection activated on 30% battery, speed will decreases linearly; when the battery is lower than 5%, voice alarm for charge, when battery at 0%, the front part of the pedal will rise

Higher Temperature Protection When the motherboard reaches 80℃ it will cresult tiltback. When the motor reaches 120℃ it will result in tiltback

Mainboard The motherboard is designed with a 4 layer structure, allowing for better stability performance. 12 large individual TO-247 imported MOS to sufficiently support the 3300W motor. MOS is attached to the aluminate body frame of the wheel, and 16 heat dissipation channels have been added to the bottom of the magnesium alloy motherboard base, for better heat dissipation, which provides a strong guarantee for fast and stable operation

Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0. stronger compatibility and allowing strong

USB Output Quick charge 3.0

Front Light 8*5W lights on the left and right, automatically adjust the brightness according to the speed (twice the S18), and the two lights can adjust the angle separately to provide good

Taillight Red brake light at the tail and

Display screen Integrate power, speed, and other information into one matrix display

Motor Higher power 3300w motor that provides a maximum torque of 160N.m providing fast

Suspension System Unique X shaped suspension system. Pro level suspension provides the ultimate support and shock absorption

Seat cushion Added a comfortable seat cushion for skilled and long-distance cyclists, ergonomic design, alleviating the toil of standing riding

Standard Accessories 1x Charger, 1x Manual, 1x Warranty card, 1xSeat Cushion, 1x QC certificate

BEGODE updated warranty rolls for 2024

BEGODE updated warranty rolls for 2024

EUC.SALE - Accept Cryptocurrency payments !!!

EUC.SALE - Accept Cryptocurrency payments !!!


NEW !!!! EUC.SALE official KINGSONG distributor in Europe.

NEW !!!! EUC.SALE official KINGSONG distributor in Europe.

Official KINGSONG distributor in Europe.

EUC.SALE official INMOTION Distributor in Europe.

EUC.SALE official INMOTION Distributor in Europe.

Leaperkim Sherman S 62/66lbs in stock + Free Upgrade Kit

Leaperkim Sherman S 62/66lbs in stock + Free Upgrade Kit

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BEGODE EX30 Stock. + 15% coupon

EUC GRAND MEET LITHUANIA 2022.07.16. Panevezys city. All EUC Riders are welcome.

EUC GRAND MEET LITHUANIA 2022.07.16. Panevezys city. All EUC Riders are welcome.



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