We are an official BEGODE, INMOTION, KINGSONG, Minimotors, Dualtron, distributors in  Europe, based in Lithuania and Poland. We are dynamic company providing ultimate support, we are not only sellers we are Riders.

We are fast grow enthusiast’s community based in Lithuania, Vilnius and in All Europe, with many members, in countries like Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Sweden, Czech Republic, and we are keep growing.

We also have professional EUC Sports team. Taking huge risks to test EUC and other electric transport in most Extreme conditions, to improve the quality for next generation products.

If you are looking to buy a new Electric unicycle, Scooter, or you need service, spare parts, tuning parts or you have questions, contact us.

Test Drive and Show Room:

Our Central Office in Lithuania, Vilnius: You can find here almost all type electric transport in show room, and made test drive just wish.

We also have Office and show room in Poland, Warsaw, many products are on real stock and you can see all products in one place, and we will help you to made right choose. We also have specific demo models for tests for you.

We also Have Service centres in Latvia, Riga. Czech Republic, Prague, Hungary, Budapest. Germany. 

Consultation and training:

We have our EUC safety riding school in Lithuania and Poland. Making personal training courses for Adults and group trainings for Kids. With our equipment and safety gear.

You can contact Us if you have any questions regarding electric transport, and you will get professional support Monday-Sunday.  

You can always contact Us and we will try to support you in your specific country with local community to see the interested in product, in real, and then made right decision. 

For more information on program availability in your area, contact Us. 

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